In any oil-producing state, the oil industry is usually one of the largest. Most people are attracted to this industry because of the large forms of remuneration involved. A good number of them have not factored into their plans, the possible downsides associated with this work.

Oil workers are very high earners, and this is because the gains from oil is massive, so oil companies have the capacity to handsomely pay their workers.

In some oil-producing states, you do not need to be well-read in order for you to work. Once you have a university degree, it is sufficient for you to get a good job as an oil worker.

It would interest you to know that, due to the fact that they are paid well, the money is usually enough to cater for the needs of themselves and their families. So, oil workers prefer to work themselves out, for the purpose of getting enough money for themselves.

The demands of any oil-producing state is usually very high. They would need to ensure their citizens are satisfied, and they would have to export to other states that do not produce oil.

Hence, a good number of times, oil workers are stretched beyond their output, and this makes them to resort to substance abuse, which makes them addicted in the long run.

So, since some of them indulge in substance abuse, they are able to cope in the short term. However, in the long run, they would discover that it is way beyond their control. Then, their productivity would be on the decline, and they would have to leave the job in no time.

The major reason why oil workers are addicted is because of stress, and one of the best ways to solve this, is to employ more persons, so that enough hands would be on deck.

Hence, oil workers would have more chance to rest effectively, spend ample time with their families, work and get paid well.